Goranger Info

Before we actually release, I’m going to get some facts about this release out of the way,. First things first, the staff working on it:

PMLG is working on this release with a Portuguese sub group named Rampage Subs! I had met one of their members on Tokunation, and we were like “we gotta get this running again” (not actual quotes), and so the joint group was born!

The staff:
Translators: Fanboy, Yuko
TLC: Aline
Timer: Clock Up (eleuzi)
Typesetter, Karaoke Timer, and Distribution: PikaMaster11
QC: Victor-san, Cap. Nascimiento

Along with this English sub, the fellows at Rampage Subs will also be continuing their Portuguese sub of the episodes using the English scripts, so you can go to their site for that.

But Pikachu, what about episodes 1-24?
Well, you see, what we’ll be doing is re-releasing Episodes 1-24, but with karaoke and new typesetting, because that’s fun! As of now, we’re almost done with getting them done, but hold on for a little while longer. We still have a long way to go before we finish.


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