Himitsu Sentai Goranger – Episode 25

Enjoy this episode, which I inconveniently decided to release minutes after 01-24…

20 thoughts on “Himitsu Sentai Goranger – Episode 25

  1. That sounds amazing! I have a few people interested in helping already, but we don't have a translator yet. Any advice or do you know anyone looking to translate? If you guys tackle JAQK, we could easily hop on Battle Fever J to fill in that gap. I've actually always wanted to do that season.


  2. Actually, Nemet is already doing Battle Fever J from the original Hawaiian TV broadcasts, and he's already up to episode 13. Also, MegaBeast Empire are going planning to eventually re-translate Battle Fever J whenever they finish up with Juspion, so I'd say that Battle Fever J is taken care of, so Denjiman would be the one to focus on after JAKQ. Here are links to the two aforementioned groups:




  3. Megabeast Empire already released 6 episodes. Juspion is their main project but they never said they will wait until they finish Juspion to continue. It's just that it takes more times.


  4. The super sentai series that are not complete or being seriously worked on so far, at least that I know, are J.A.K.Q., Denziman, Goggle-V, Dynaman, Turboranger, Ohranger and Hurricanger. I know that you're working on Changeman and someone else announced Flashman, but the others either got started and dropped a while back, or never started at all.

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