Kamen Rider Gaim – 01

Hello there, this is probably my first post ever on the blog. I’m known as Crt! And… we’re bringing you our fruity samurai show now released in 1080p BD. Thanks to the folks over at Aesir Subs for their scripts and FortMax with the Gaim Blu-rays, we’ll be releasing Gaim with much higher video quality! I thought Aesir’s Gaim in HD were always amazing. But here you go guys, have Fruity Warlords Yoroibu.

Fruity Warlords Yoroibu – 01

Man, I wish these were an orange and a strawberry..

1080p BD MKV DDL |  Script DDL


Aesir Subs (Translation)

Fortmax (Raws)

DeltaSubs (TLC, Karaoke, Timing, Distro, #nolives)


Are the file-sizes too big?
They take up about almost double the amount of space per episode. So we’re looking around 700-900mb.

Why not wait for Aesir to release the Blu-Rays for Gaim?
If Over-Time and Aesir didn’t release OOO and Fourze BDs, I don’t think they’ll do it either for Gaim. Over-Time’s Ignis said that they’d have their Gaim mistakes fixed for the BD release of the Sengoku War Movie and they still haven’t released that. It’s safe to assume that they aren’t going to do it. I mean I’m pretty sure both teams have lives and why would they bother having to re-time things and re-release a series that they already did again?

Will this affect any other planned schedules for other shows?
No. I’m working and uploading on this series, mostly on my own. I watch the episodes twice before uploading to MEGA. Once on my computer with all the fonts and madvr installed to different computers that use more mainstream stuff like VLC and CCCP to see if they’re any hiccups that may occur.

What will be so different about Aesir’s release vs this release?
It’s in 1080p, it looks much better than TV rips. Plus. it really trumps TV-Nihon’s TV 1080p Gaim releases.

What is the major changes from this release over Aesir’s?
We love Aesir, well I do at the very least. The typesetting is slightly tweaked, karaoke is added, and silly mistakes that Aesir did will be fixed. In addition to that, we’ll be using the official naming schemes of things like Lockseeds and Over Lord, instead of Aesir’s Lock Seed and Overlord.

For example:

  • Episode 01’s Invess -> Inves
  • Ryouma Warring -> Sengoku
  • Lock Seed -> Lockseed
  • Overlord -> Over Lord
  • Zangetsu Final -> Final Zangetsu (they did this in one episode, was kinda silly reading that)

What about the original typesetting? Shouldn’t that be preserved because it’s the way they wanted the viewers to watch it?
If you liked the original typesetting of Aesir’s, there’s another subtitle track that you can choose from. It pretty much is identical to Aesir’s original intended viewing experience with the slight wording fixes.

We also know that we can’t please everyone. So regarding the Ornac/Gridon thing by Episode 05, we’ll have about 3 subtitle tracks.

  • (Our Typesetting) Ornac (Default)
  • (Our Typesetting) Gridon (header note explanation on top)
  • (Aesir Typesetting) Ornac

What about the Over Lords dialogue? Didn’t Aesir say that they’ll translate it during their batches for the show after it’s finished airing?
We actually don’t know if they’re going to do that as the show hasn’t finished airing by the time of this post. However, we do know that by Aesir’s Gaim Episode 26, Aesir has the Over Lords’ ciphers on screen. They’ll be three tracks for those:

  • Our typesetting with the ciphers already being translated.
  • Aesir’s typesetting with the ciphers being translated.
  • Aesir’s typesetting with the ciphers untranslated.

10 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 01

  1. Anon says:

    Free Joker Subs have done some trailblazing in the area of fixing up Over-Time’s scripts for blu ray raws. (It was clear they unfortunately didn’t really have the time to go back and fix up things.)


    The only other thing I can think of in regards to this is that Redue was found out to be female, so I don’t know if any pronouns need to be fixed?

    But thank you for getting a head start on this for remastering. The only issue I can think of is that since Gaim hasn’t finished airing yet, its still possible for the show to throw a massive curveball that would require the early scripts to be updated.

    Regardless, I’m still really really excited for gaim on blu ray. 🙂

    Thank you


  2. 223344 says:

    I’m ok with those changes. But what I wanted to know is if the BD version is different from the tv-rip. I mean, regarding the episodes. Are they pretty the same? Or have extra stuff?


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