What do you think of the name change? (Plus new style)

I want to know what you guys thought of the name change and whether you like it or PMLG better. Let us know in the comments, please. Either way, we’re staying on WordPress.

EDIT: There’s a new style now. like it? Hope you do.

Thanks for the input,


11 thoughts on “What do you think of the name change? (Plus new style)

  1. For those wondering why we’ve switched to deltasubs.. the reason is simply because LinkedGaming basically fell off the face of the planet and it’s really only been Pika, Charmander, and myself. Plus, having your own name as a subgroup is bizarre. I mean I’m scared to download anything that would have “[Sexmaster30]_Himitsu_Sentai_Gorenger” on it.


    • Cel Shade says:

      To be honest, I like the new look, and as for the name. I think it’s a snazzy. As long as you guys are happy with it, that’s what really matters. Though, your explanation was hilarious.


    • I’d get that copy of GoRanger in a heartbeat. XD

      But honestly, I guess naming a group of people after yourself did seem a little… arrogant.

      It’s justified because it was just me and Link when we began.


  2. Angel says:

    I personally think that it’s a step up from PMLG, but it’s honestly up to you guys, as I don’t care too much either way.


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