Kamen Rider ZX – TV Special (MKV + MP4)

You should've seen this coming.

Warera Kamen Raidaa!

MEGA Folder | Script DDL

So like, I finally got this up. Yay. I decided to release this in order to keep you guys busy during the week and this time it uploaded correctly, so have your fix of ZX.

I’ll get the MP4 encoded with a smaller file size later. For now, if you don’t want the 500 MB size, get the MKV at 300 MB.



4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider ZX – TV Special (MKV + MP4)

    • because of the raw, a \N would have split the line too much (there would be too much space between the bottom and top) and I thought that looked ugly, so I got rid of it by using the vertical margin.. Not very noticeable if you don’t look at the script beforehand, I believe.


  1. Link2Hyrule says:

    Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the camera angle, but those first two on the right look like their chins are sticking out too much.


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