Tokusou Robo Janperson – 01

I probably could've used some other screencap for this but I chose to use this

Janperson Fights For Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MKV DDL | MP4 DDL | Script DDL
(MP4 will be up shortly, but for now enjoy the MKV and/or script for it. It’s done)

Surprise! I didn’t provide much hint on which how this would be except for one comment saying “the next non-Goranger release is something unsubbed” which opened up an entire library of shows which I could’ve been translating, but ultimately I chose Janperson. Mostly because the Metal Heroes shows are awesome and they deserve to be subbed just as much as Sentai and Riders. Speaking of which, I’m looking to TL the Rescue Police trilogy. Winspector, Solbrain, and Exceedraft and (maybe) even Blue SWAT.

Also, be on the lookout for Rampage Subs’s Portuguese version, which should be at least halfway done by now… not sure. But look out for that.

Team Janperson:
 – PikaMaster11: Translation, Styling and Karaoke Timing
– Clock Up: Timing, Hardsub Encoder, Uploader
– Fanboy/Charles Kruger: TLC (maybe only for this episode, but not sure)

Any questions that I believe you may have are listed under the cut.

What the hell is this old looking crap?!?!!?!!?!?/!?!?/1?!/!??1//!//1/
It’s called Janperson. Watch it. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you want specifics, then Tokusou Robo Janperson is the 1993 entry in the Metal Heroes series, you know, that series that began with Gavan. Ring a bell?

Who the hell TLed this? (No, I don’t believe you, Pika.)
Believe it, it was me. Ask Clock Up, I guess.
Or don’t believe it, I guess. I can’t reasonably control what you think of me. But good luck finding a fansub group that’s doing Janperson so you can blame me of stealing scripts!

How often will this be released?
We’re looking to release at least one per week. No promises though.


17 thoughts on “Tokusou Robo Janperson – 01

  1. unknownaerie says:

    And for once, I don’t mean that as a dig towards you. A different group working on Janperson means more time for you to work on other shows you say you want to sub.


    • who could be possibly doing Janperson right now…?
      apparently according to the TomorrowResearch fansubs page, someone is doing it, but the last update was 01 on 2013-09-19 , so I think it’s fine…


      • unknownaerie says:

        Give it a day or two. The group originally wanted to build up a backlog of releases for it, but after seeing this, they’ll probably start releasing right away.
        The TomorrowResearch page is counting the movie Daigeki did (which is completely separate from the show). Same with Jiban, and the Blue SWAT movie is just an edit of the first episode.
        I know I’ve been… caustic, to say the least, but you’ve got to believe me on this. Just wait a day, and you’ll definitely see (or hear) of a group releasing Janperson 01+02+Preview


      • Toku Master says:

        Hello “pikamaster11”! I wonder if you’re making some little confusion… the really really kid-friendly shows you refer too might be Kabutack and Robotack, series released after Jukkou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto, its sequel. If you’re making this little confusion I’m wondering, I recommend you take a look at the 2 B-Fighter series on YouTube, and I bet you’ll get mad at yourself for not noticing before the tremendous thing it is, great Metal Hero series as much as the previous ones 🙂


  2. Gingaman Fan says:

    Yes it was,but if you’re interesting in doing Juukou B-Fighter then it’s your choice in the end,I just feel like that some fansub groups are giving so much attention to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Shows for the main time


  3. TV says:

    That was the craziest first episode of anything I’ve ever watched! I LOVED it! Thank you so much for subbing this, and thanks in advance for continuing to do so!


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