September Status Update + KR Drive Promo

Start Your Engine!

Start Your Engine!

(new ones with a fixed translation WIP done)

It’s September, and the heat of summer is dying… (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least, watch out South) and that means another status update!

  • GoRanger (like Lux said) is on break right now (working on the v2s)
  • Hibiki is slow sailing right now (super slow)
  • Blade is basically shipwrecked
  • Kamen Rider Drive will begin its voyage in a month along with a super special surprise (again) and a promo!

And that concludes our plan for these two months. We’ll be back with another in 2 or 3 weeks. Peace!


17 thoughts on “September Status Update + KR Drive Promo

  1. Batman says:

    So, basically, you’re stopping translating all the stuff no one else is doing…and doing Drive, which will be done by several others?

    That makes sense…


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