3T-PC Subs, Torrents, and DDL News

Real quick, I want to announce that we’ll be working with 3T-PC Subs on Drive!
First collab release will be the extended Drive promo coming soon (a day or two)

3T-PC Subs Website

Also, starting with the extended Drive promo, we’ll be providing torrents along with a MEGA folder link, because we can, as well as a comment like O-T’s with the DDL thing, you know, the “Please post any DDLs below. Any DDLs outside this thread will be purged as we see fit!” thing. Except different.

– PikaMaster11 –


2 thoughts on “3T-PC Subs, Torrents, and DDL News

    • Nah, actually
      It won’t take more than 48 hours to do the Drive episodes
      Plus I’m balancing a bunch of stuff but Hibiki isn’t dead
      If everything went the way I wanted it to Hibiki would be 1/2 done already


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