Back from the dead… I hope…

All right, guys. So I know most (if not all) of you that are reading this today are no doubt wondering what has happened to Delta, so I figured I’d address that now that I actually can.

So. When did we die…? I’d say around October when Drive was still barely beginning its run? Well you see I’m basically the sole member of this fansub now, if you don’t count those from Rampage Subs (who I’m still trying to contact at the moment). So when Drive was beginning and 3T-Delta was struggling under it, the worst thing happened possible and I lost contact with everyone really leading to this fansub’s death. And recently I’ve been struggling with this computer and dealing with semester final exams so that’s something else to take up my time… and I have a life too cause I’m human…

So I believe our projects around that time were:
– a reboot of Hibiki
– Himitsu Sentai Goranger
– Kamen Rider Drive
– Kamen Rider Blade

So right now priority #1 goes to the first two – Hibiki and Goranger – which were the projects I was basically intending to do in the first place so I guess I should begin Delta’s revival with them. So I’ll be solely creating new Hibiki scripts until I can get in contact with Rampage and we’ll work from there if all goes well.

Let’s see if I can put DeltaSubs on the map with this! But for now main order of business is getting all the raws back again and the scripts finished up.



14 thoughts on “Back from the dead… I hope…

  1. Link2Hyrule says:

    Great to see you back, hope you’re able to get back in touch with the other Delta members and get everything running smoothly again. Looking forward to your future releases of Goranger.


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