Random post to show we’re not dead we’re just taking longer than expected, sorry, and we are still planning on releasing… at some point. Just delays. But that’s to be expected. And also 2015 is here so new beginnings, I guess! And Ninninger! (Which I’m personally loving right now so yeah it’s actually cooler than I expected…)

Anyways, that’s really it, nothing of importance… we’re just delayed… but we are still planning on releasing in the next month or so… so expect it!


10 thoughts on “2015!!!!!!!!

  1. Justus White says:

    If you’re shorthanded, I could help. I was one of the guys at Bad Apple, my job was proofreading and…….what’s it called when you make sure each subtitle is timed correctly? If you think I could help, email me at awesomegamer417@gmail.com. Otherwise, I’m working on redubbing the Pokémon anime, so I’ll have that to look forward to.


  2. Danny says:

    I think they’re working on a batch or something. I spoke to Clock Up from Rampage Subs a few weeks ago and he said they were working on it


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