The future of Goranger (and everything else)

Today is the day, guys. Today is the day that the fate of GoRanger is decided. But since I’m a piece of crap, I’m putting it under a cut. 😛

The future of GoRanger
Okay, so some of you may have noticed that Love and Care fansubs recently picked up GoRanger along with Rampage Subs. And on the other hand, Delta is dead. So what does that mean?

I’ve been having personal issues arise in my life which has prevented me from keeping in regular contact with the members of Rampage, meaning that they had to find another means of releasing to the English-speaking audience, and they found that means in Love and Care Fansubs. I won’t be parttaking in that project anymore, and because of that, GoRanger is officially off the agenda for me.

The future of everything else
There’s been lots of negative attention brought to this fansub since its creation, and although it has subsided significantly since then, I’ve realized that without GoRanger, there isn’t much keeping this fansub afloat in deep water, which is why I won’t be releasing anymore.
Well, maybe. Hibiki is still a possible route but I’m not very sure that will ever clear the fansub’s name.

I was hoping I could hear from the people who still visit this blog at any point or even from those who don’t. Positive and negative. Drop Hibiki and leave the scene or give it (or any other show) another shot from the beginning?

I hope to hear from all of you. Thank you in advance, and thanks to all of the people who supported this fansub, and thanks to those who didn’t but still took the time and effort to try and help me improve. And finally, thank you to Rampage Subs for allowing me to have helped the project in its first thirty episodes or so.

Please leave feedback on this post, I’ll read every single comment.


37 thoughts on “The future of Goranger (and everything else)

  1. Gonna be blunt. If you want to keep subbing, sub something that isn’t subbed. If you don’t want to keep subbing, then leave. Hibiki is already subbed, and honestly no one really gives a shit about Hibiki anyways. If you want to maintain any kind of userbase, then do something that the toku community needs. I would HIGHLY suggest one of the Metal Heroes. It doesn’t matter if you give up halfway through again. We’ll get SOMETHING, and maybe someone else will finish it if you don’t. That’s my two cents.


  2. Well… first, thanks for all your work! Second, i know life sometimes is a pain in the ass, but can’t be helped most of the time. So…good luck, and thanks again.. Hope you don’t abandon the tokusatsu fandom 😉


  3. Koinupup says:

    You could maybe find another that hasn’t been given attention past the first few episodes like Gavan, or other Sentai or Riders that no one’s touched?


  4. I think the most valuable thing right now is subbing shows that haven’t already been subbed in some capacity. Obviously you should Follow Your Heart, but I have to say that picking up like.. X or Super-1 or something would be more worthwhile than Hibiki. But either way, I’d say don’t just give up subbing if it’s something you enjoy.


  5. I say, do what you want. You wanna sub Hibiki? Sub Hibiki. For myself, I got Goranger and ZX from here, and I’ve really enjoyed both–and I’ll probably revisit this blog when I feel like watching one of the other series’ you’ve subbed. So, uh, no negativity here–keep up the good work, or move on to other things, up to you!


  6. Oh, and forgot to mention–not to overburden you with work, but I see Kamen Riders X and Super-1, and Gavan, mentioned above…if you were to do Super-1 or Gavan, I might cry with happiness. Because I’ve only been able to see a couple of each of those, but I already love them so much…


  7. Care to link us to the new group that’s going to be covering Goranger?

    Also, I don’t really care what you decide to do. If you want to keep subbing Hibiki or other stuff, go right ahead. If you want to stop subbing, go right ahead.


  8. Deadly Messiah says:

    Disagree with the poster above on Hibiki. It is not truly subbed as you can hardly call those fansubs. The video quality is horse ****, the translations are poop and inaccurate, and the files can not even run on current software.


    • Dude, imperfect subs are better than no subs. We as toku fans do NOT get to be picky. The translations aren’t even that bad to begin with. They’re perfectly fine to understand a show made for 4 year olds. Stop buying into fansub wars. And if your video player can’t play mp4 or avi files, then you have MUCH bigger problems.


      • Deadly Messiah says:

        Well then tell me how I can update my TV’s codecs so I can watch AVI files (which is what the Hibiki subs are). I have a Samsung Smart HD 42 inch TV.


  9. Mr. Anonymous says:

    My vote: do a series nobody else is doing. JAKQ, for example. Or, finish off the missing episodes in ChangeMan, that series is close to being subbed, it’s only misslng like 3 or 4 episodes.


    • Deadly Messiah says:

      1. I’d rather if he is going to sub Changeman, he subs it all and not do a half assed job by only subbing certain episodes.

      2. GUIS is going to be subbing Changeman after the finish Bioman and Fiveman.


      • Dragblacker says:

        They haven’t touched Bioman or Fiveman for months. In fact, GUIS hasn’t released anything since lat October.


      • Phantom Rider says:

        Forget October: That’s just their last post they made, and it was to tell us that some Ultraman series was recently licensed. The last new subbed material from them came in July; since finishing Kakuranger the presses have stopped.

        It’s sad to see them go. They did a lot of great work, but all good things must come to an end, as they say. We should be thankful for what we did get. Kakuranger, Jetman, Liveman, Maskman, Zyuranger, *most* of Bioman, some other stuff I didn’t keep up with (mostly a Rider/Sentai fan here) and bits of other series that were interesting and will hopefully inspire others to take those series all the way.

        Here’s hoping someone else will pick up where they left off with Bioman, there’s not a WHOLE ton to go.


  10. Tokufantsu says:

    I’d have to agree with what a majority of folks are saying: sub something that hasn’t been done already. Most pre-90s shows haven’t been subbed and there are so many to choose from. Gimme something before the 80s and I’ll donate my right kidney. Chojin Bibyun, Kyodain, Za Kagestar…oh man. I wish Skaro would continue with Aztekaiser and Battle Hawk :/


  11. RW says:

    If you were to continue subbing Hibiki I would totally watch it. but if you need something new to sub, you should do one that has little to no attention like other people suggested. I personally would like to see hurricanger subbed but thats just because ive been watching all the super sentai in reverse order and ive hit a snag with not being able to find any hurricanger subs.


  12. RhapsodicSongbird says:

    I have been really enjoying these Hibiki releases a lot, but, I can understand if you’d wanna do something else to keep your interest in subbing going, as it is a series that not many people enjoy, unfortunately. I’d still be very interested in continuing watching anything y’all subbed, honestly, and never really saw any reason to give your subs any flack.

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  13. DragoonShandy says:

    I have to agree with a lot of what was said. Subbing something that no else has touched is a better idea, and will get you further than subbing something one can find anywhere. Metal Heroes would be a nice change of pace. But, I would like to add, I wanna help anyway I can.

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  14. ChaosSystems says:

    If you still need another opinion, I’d like you to finish your work on Hibiki! Most other recent shows have gotten perfectly good subs already, so there’s no need for you to do those, unless you really feel you want to. Along with Hibiki, it looks like people would like more Metal Hero shows as well, and I’d agree with them! Personally, I’d like to see B-Fighter or maybe something different like Jiraiya. Come to think, Hibiki and Jiraiya would probably be a nice one-two punch. At the end of the day, though, do what you feel you gotta do and whatever makes you happiest, man. All we can do is thank you for the time and energy you put into this stuff.


  15. Brad says:

    Well, it’s been said a bunch already, but yeah, I’m with the “sub something that isn’t already subbed” crowd. Personally, I love Super Sentai, so my vote would go there if it counts. One of the older shows would be cool, like, say, Denziman or something. But Metal Heroes, Kamen Rider…whatever you like. But if fansubs already exist for a show, there will be less people that come to download yours (because they already exist elsewhere). But pick something new, and everyone who cares about the show will give a look. There will always be haters, but there will be appreciaters, too. I know I’d love to see another un-subbed show being subbed by you!


  16. Patrick says:

    I might be a bit late but I think you should do JAKQ. Only the first episode and the Gorenger team-up movie have been subbed. Also it’s quite a short series which I guess is an added bonus.


  17. lollipop says:

    please continue your work on hibiki. certain people suggest you to sub something that isn’t subbed. i say, sub something you want to sub. even if it has been subbed by others. this is your fansub. and since you’ve already started subbing hibiki, then by all means, please finish it. i really like your clean and simple sub. not to mention the better video quality. and i’m sure i’m not the only one. if you want to do typesetting then go ahead, but don’t over do it. thanks.


  18. Phantom Rider says:

    Don’t let that *one* person spewing all the venom get you down; s/he doesn’t speak for all of us, no matter how loudly.

    Any series that has only been subbed by TVN getting a second go would be a good thing. Their way just doesn’t suit those who like their translations complete, and accuracy of their earlier work isn’t up to par. (Six words: “Ladies and gentlemen, banana new shoe!”) Their current work… doesn’t leave me saying “No, REALLY, what is this person talking about?!” as often when it’s actually in English, though. But still, there’s a reason why I’m an Over-Time sorta guy.

    However, if you do sub something that already has a translation that is acceptable to most, well, it *is* redundant and unnecessary work; if you want to do it for fun anyway, nobody can tell you *not* to, but the plain truth will be that you’d *better* be doing it for fun, because you won’t be doing a service to anyone else. And there are so many wonderful series waiting for a *first* translation. Does Drive really need a third?

    If it’s a series you enjoy, you’re less likely to burn out, though.

    And don’t worry about “clearing the fansub’s name.” You’re gonna get some haters no matter what you do. If you want to do Hibiki, do Hibiki! If you want to do something else, do something else. If it’s no fun, then… don’t do such hard work if it’s a boring chore. You owe it to no one.

    Whatever you decide, thank you for all your work thus far.

    What would I, personally, like? …well, that so many subbers stop dead is what keeps me from getting into a new series. I’d rather see Hibiki completed than any new project started. I’d be more likely to tune into that new project once it’s time!


  19. godko says:

    i love you guys been looking for somewhere to find goranger with subs and now i have something to watch while waiting for kitsubs to finish some more karmen rider episodes


  20. Shadow Moon says:

    I think you should carry on both with Hibiki and other projects preferably one that has not been done yet such as GoGo V or some of the earlier Kamen Riders.


  21. Magneto says:

    At the end of the day, are you even going to bother subbing anything? What have you released in the past year?

    It just seems like you’re in it for the drama, and not the actually subbing. Bickering with other groups. Joining with groups and then bickering about those. All the while releasing, what, one episode of Drive?

    It doesn’t matter if people say to sub Hibiki. It doesn’t matter if you find raws of Blue Swat and chose that. It doesn’t even matter if you choose to sub Den-O.

    Because you won’t. You’ll post a few blogs about working on it. You’ll post a few blogs shouting at others who said you should do X, Y and Z. You’ll release maybe a first episode. Then nothing again for six months. Just like the last time.

    You shouldn’t be here asking what people think. You should be working on releases. Because you want to do them. Because you want to contribute. Instead, you’re here asking for positive pats on the back or negative trolls to whinge about. Drama.

    People can bash TVNihon all they want, for both valid reasons and reasons of taste. But the guys [and gal] there put out consistent work. Every. Single. Week. I’d take that, and having to infer what is really going on, than have a sub group stir shit up for attention and drama rather than doing any work.


    • Koinupup says:

      It seems so, I’m rather disappointed. We need more sub groups to work on the older shows, I mean, there’s so many still with little subs done for them.


      • Bruce Wayne says:

        Well, look at it this way. This guy did nothing, really. Nothing at all.

        We still got Drive subbed by three or four other places.

        Had he declared he was subbing some older show? We’d have all been excited. New stuff! And then been even more disappointed when he did nothing at all.


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