The future of Goranger (and everything else)

Today is the day, guys. Today is the day that the fate of GoRanger is decided. But since I’m a piece of crap, I’m putting it under a cut. 😛

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September Status Update + KR Drive Promo

Start Your Engine!

Start Your Engine!

(new ones with a fixed translation WIP done)

It’s September, and the heat of summer is dying… (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least, watch out South) and that means another status update!

  • GoRanger (like Lux said) is on break right now (working on the v2s)
  • Hibiki is slow sailing right now (super slow)
  • Blade is basically shipwrecked
  • Kamen Rider Drive will begin its voyage in a month along with a super special surprise (again) and a promo!

And that concludes our plan for these two months. We’ll be back with another in 2 or 3 weeks. Peace!

Kamen Rider Blade – 01

PLEASE READ: No, Blade will not become an active project. Not yet, anyway. I plan to get through at least 3/4 of Hibiki before I pick up something else. And I’m still barely at 1/12 of Hibiki, so that may take a while. Sorry!
The point of doing this episode is basically to get you guys to see it and tell me your opinion on the translation, typesetting, etc. Uh, that’s it, really.
I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: At 15:57, there’s a timing error which slipped by the QC, where Hajime Aikawa says “I… like it here”. The timing only lines up with the “ore wa” part, but not the rest. No, it’s not a missing line. Please, do not call it a missing line. *sigh*