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Will you sub _____?
Probably not, considering we have projects at the moment and there’s probably someone else doing it. (Unless it’s Metal Heroes, which we’re probably already subbing one of those. Be patient and wait for us to finish our current Metal Heroes show, then it may be considered.)

What format are your subs in?
Our subs had only been MKV softsubs, but Clock Up was nice enough to encode our MKVs into MP4s for us and starting with Hibiki, we’ve had MP4s available as well.

What other shows do you plan on subbing/are you interested in subbing?J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft, and Blue SWAT.

When will you release _____?
When we’re finished and it’s been uploaded. If you want to get the episode, then you’ve got to be patient. We’re the ones spending our precious time to bring you the best viewing experiences.

How fast does it take you to finish subbing an episode?
No promises on that…

You haven’t released/haven’t updated _____ in a while. Have you dropped it?
No, we haven’t, we’re just making especially slow progress and it haunts my soul to delay things, but sometimes we have to. If we ever drop a project, we’ll be sure to announce it publicly.

How can I help?
By spreading the word of our fansubs and telling us about any mistakes we’ve made in our releases so we can get those fixed as soon as possible. Also, you can provide alternate DDLs of our episodes if you want.

How much Japanese do you leave in your subs?
As little as possible. Things left in Japanese are:

  • Show names
  • Character names (in western name order)
  • Proper nouns
  • Romaji lyrics to songs

Do you typeset your scripts?

Yes, but at one point we did include a clean script. I’ve stopped doing that, but I kind of feel bad about it.

Can I use your scripts/releases for _____?
Sure, as long as you ask first and you credit us. No other way. We’ll know. We are watching…


Thank you very much!

– PikaMaster11 –


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